“United for Ukraine”

We are a 100% volunteer-run 501c3 organization. Our Mission is to alleviate the Ukrainian nation’s suffering.
P.O. Box 3205 Gaithersburg MD 20885-3205

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Military Aid

We also provide front-line combatants with lifesaving protective and medical gear such as plate carriers, night vision goggles, gloves, boots, combat belts, combat clothes, rucksacks, tourniquets, and hemostatic bandages, IV catheters, and much more.

Medical Aid

We are able to provide necessary medical supplies such as wound dressings, and trauma-specific medication.

Food Aid

Bulava has partnered with “Nika Ukraine,” a non-profit organization in Ukraine, to assist locals with limited access to basic necessities, especially those currently living in bomb shelters. “Nika-Ukraine” ships essential items such as toiletries, clothes, and baby items. We also provide field gear such as boots and ballistic vests and urgent medical supplies such as medicine wound dressings and hospital-specific items.