Who we are

Bulava.org was created by Ukrainian professionals living in the Washington DC metro area with direct ties to family and friends in Ukraine.

To us, our efforts are personal and passionate. 100% of your donations go to purchasing specific items and shipping them to the citizens and soldiers of Ukraine. The iconic sunflowers grow from the grassroots of our efforts to go directly into the hands of the citizen-volunteers of our homeland.

We invite you to join us.

What does “Bulava” means in the Ukrainian language?

Historically, the “Bulava” was a small but powerful weapon used by the Cossacks. It is now the official emblem of the President of Ukraine, symbolizing strength and power. Compared to international aid organizations, Bulava.org is small, but it is mighty.

How we operate

Our members speak daily with Ukrainian citizens still living in the villages and towns that don’t make the newsfeeds. Many were our neighbors or colleagues that we know and trust. We send precisely what they need, not what they don’t.

12125 Nebel Street
Rockville, Maryland 20852

When you send goods, they are stored in donated warehouse space in Rockville, MD, inventoried, and prepared for shipment..

When you send money

(PayPal, GoFundMe, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp ) we source goods from American and European vendors  at wholesale prices.

We ship at bulk rates, currently at $2.30 per pound, directly into Ukraine where volunteers receive and distribute the items where they are needed most. Our brave Ukraine-based volunteers look into the eyes of those with outstretched hands.


Bulova.org maintains a start-to-finish accountability system of inventory checking from the original receipt of items, to the shipping bill of lading and customs paperwork, to photo documentation of
receipt and distribution.


 Our mission is to relieve the suffering of Ukrainian citizens by partnering with
Bulava volunteers in Ukraine to identify urgent needs and meet them specifically, swiftly and securely.


– There is a vibrant Ukrainian community in the metropolitan DC/Virginia/Maryland community. We enjoy the freedoms that we see at risk in Ukraine. We are:
– Professional
– Entrepreneurial
– Educated
– Hardworking
Photographers, Managers, Business Owners, Healthcare Workers, IT, with friends, family members, and colleagues living under military siege.
We don’t need social media to hear about Ukraine. We get first-hand reports.

And, we want to help. 


– Our vision is to reduce suffering. Bulova helps ordinary people who used to teach, garden, raise children, run shops and run households. Ordinary people doing ordinary things being called to do the extraordinary. We want to lighten their load.

Bomb Shelter Occupants emerge with their life, but little else. Baby and
women’s supplies, basic toiletries, packaged foods and warm wraps are just a few necessities.
– Village Residents may not receive the good and services that larger
communities get. We see neighbor helping neighbor and want to expand their access to diminishing food, medical and survival supplies.
Sick and Injured villagers have a desperate need for basic medicines for fever, pain and infection. Many injuries are not household, they are combat related requiring lifesaving supplies.
Citizen Soldiers of fathers, uncles, brothers and sons who live in these towns and villages lack the protection that their Army equivalents have. Protective helmets, vests, gloves, boots, night vision goggles save lives.


Kateryna Koshlaba


Oversees the work of the board and the organization’s senior management team.

Leela Julia Orbidan

Vice President

Carries out special assignments as requested by the chair and fills in for the board chair if necessary

Viktoriia Mintian


Attends all board meetings and is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate meeting minutes.

Ola Right


Keeps track of the organization’s financial condition. In charge of generating monthly financial report.

Daria Pach

Events Coordinator

In charge of events calendar, logistic process and social media.

Yehor Hurzhyi


Attends all board meetings and plans logistics for organization’s collection and distribution of aid.