“United for Ukraine”

We are a 100% volunteer-run 501c3 organization. Our Mission is to alleviate the Ukrainian nation’s suffering.
P.O. Box 3205 Gaithersburg MD 20885-3205

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Free Ukraine where people have opportunities, choices and resources to live happy lives.


Bulava group focuses on helping people in Ukraine who have lost their homes, have little means to get food, and need support to survive. We deliver food and medical supplies to bomb shelters and help residents living in small towns with limited access to resources. Our mission is to relieve the suffering of Ukrainian citizens by partnering with Bulava volunteers in Ukraine to identify urgent needs and meet them specifically, swiftly, and securely.


Bulava members are a professional group of Ukrainians who live in the United States of America. Each team member has friends and relatives living in Ukraine; therefore, our efforts are 100% dedicated to helping those in most need. We don’t need social media to hear about Ukraine. We get first-hand reports.

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Military Aid

We provide the front-line military with lifesaving protective and medical gear such as plate carriers, night vision goggles, gloves, boots, combat belts, combat clothes, rucksacks, tourniquets, hemostatic bandages, IV catheters, and much more.

Medical Aid

We can provide necessary medical supplies such as wound dressings and trauma-specific medication.

Food Aid

Bulava delivers food and hygiene products to Ukrainian locals by shipping essential items such as baby formula, protein drinks, and dry food. In addition, we provide food to orphanages and people with mental and physical disabilities.